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The Circle of Life

Institute for Shamanic SynthesisIn all Shamanic practice, the Medicine Wheel serves as metaphor for the unending, sacred cycles of life ("the circle of light"). At its center is Divine Love--The Path of the Heart. As life is not intended to be static, our core at the center of the wheel seeks growth by exploring knowledge in each of the directions of the circle. As we learn each lesson, the energy of growth is then ingested back into our core for assimilation. We may recognize all of this activity as beams of light being transmitted back and forth. We know that light seeks light.Thus it follows that through all illusions of darkness, light always exists.

If we were to use the metaphor of the pupil of the eye for the center of the wheel, we could see that in the presence of light, the pupil contracts exposing more of the beautiful iris.The iris with its built-in kaleidoscope grows as "knowledge" (light) increases.Light is Love.Therefore, the more we are willing to move through the abyss of darkness to seek knowledge and understanding, the more love we feed our center--the more love "light" we send out.Thus light seeks light; love seeks love.

Geometrically the triangles within each quadrant of the Medicine Wheel symbolize the Goddess trinity of birth, life, death; the triumvirate of will, love, and intelligence; the Father, Mother, and Child; and the interplay of energies in spirit, consciousness and matter.The wheel is at once the macro and microcosm of our totality.

The four quadrants North, South, East & West denote the continuum of experiences that make up our human "game of life."As we move around and across the circle we complete the pieces of learning that enhance our soul’s growth in this incarnation. The Tonal Axis represented by the North to South Direction holds the keys to balance between wisdom and innocence. The Nagual Axis from West to East offers us the extraordinary tools to function between the illusion of the body and the illumination of the spirit.Moving around the circle one can see the qualities of each direction that naturally flows leading us out of innocence to the illusion then on towards wisdom and finally to illumination--from mind in the East where there is unity in all things--to emotions in the South where we learn to cope with polarities--to the physical in the West where we reconcile opposites--to the North where we find direction and purpose--to the Center where we become illumined.

The Medicine Wheel is never static.Though we may be "working" more in one direction than another at a given moment, we are always moving.And, it is in that movement, that we begin to see the possibility of "bliss" as we come to accept that all things pass and that all is truly in Divine order. As our consciousness grows and expands and we become more cognizant of our place in growth on the wheel and choose to surrender ("go with the flow"), we become true Warriors of the Spirit--warrior meaning one who lives their life with impeccability.To be impeccable is to be Divine; to be illumined.

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