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Shamanic Workshops Offered through The Institute for Shamanic Synthesis

 In keeping with practice of wisdom schools through millennia, this education organization is about disseminating affordable information. Program costs primarily cover direct expense and a stipend for instructors. No earnest student will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Shamanic Workshop Earth Based Spirituality: 21st Century Cross Cultural Synthesis

Magic--illusion--shape shifting--cures are part and parcel of the ancient Shaman's bag of mystical tricks. Indigenous tribes throughout history relied on Shamanism to enter non-ordinary reality, obtain hidden knowledge, answer personal questions and contribute to personal and global health. This course explores: Shamanic ritual; ceremony; totems--animal, mineral, plant, human; Shamanic journeying; and recapitulation as tools for creating a more peaceful existence in an increasingly chaotic world. Lecture, demonstration and active journeying will give the participant a peek into the Shaman's medicine bag. Material is drawn from the Toltec, Celtic and Native American traditions.

6-Week Class: 12-15 Hours Class Time Plus 6-8 Hours Home Study



Shamanic Workshop The Shamanic Path: Advanced Awareness & Application

Delving Awareness of and Reading; Chakras, Energy & Healing; The Four Shamanic Shields of Balance & Protection; and the Rituals of the Four Elements-Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Core awareness gained in this series is the integration and acceptance of the adult and child, male and female within. Field trips to sacred Native American sites are optional additions; plus mask making, shield making, and the marriage of the masculine and the feminine in each individual. This offering lays a foundation for apprenticeship in Shamanic practice.

10-Week Class: 20-30 Hours Class Time Plus 10-15 Hours Home Study



Shamanic Workshop The Shaman's Self-Mask Experience

Lift the veils of illusion and experience THE SACRED YOU! Shamanic Mask Making is an empowering and therapeutic tool to aid in self-exploration and search for life purpose. In this day long experience you will participate in Shamanic ritual; make a plaster mask of a partner's face; have a mask built on your own face; undertake a Shamanic journey to discover your mask's unique significance; and adorn your mask to reflect information you've gained through journeying. Your mask will help you:

  • Explore a variety of senses and feelings in a supportive environment;
  • Create a non-judgmental friend to dialog with;
  • Discover your "sacred" self and find a new vision of reality;
  • Look anew at what faces you wear and who the world thinks you are; AND
  • See your own unique perfection.
  • A wonderful time honored ritual and dynamic way to uncover new dimensions and perspectives in your most powerful relationship (with yourself). Mask Making is also an effectual team experience that allows participants to practice giving, receiving, surrender and cooperation.

    Weekend Intensive: Outside Exercises Also Provided as Follow-up.



    Shamanic Workshop Changing Woman Gateway: A Celebration of the Wiseblood Passage

    Menopause can be a time of empowerment for women. Potentially it is the time of a woman's life that affords the greatest opportunity for freedom and expansion. Traditional Western views of this important time depict loss and impending doom. Media images of the "Crone" (Wise Woman) suggest a shriveling up of energy and beauty. None of these exaggerated images need be your truth! Menopause is simply a passage, not unlike menarche (first menstruation). It is a time to acknowledge and welcome a new dynamic in our life cycle. Join other women in a weekend celebration of the Wiseblood passage..

    • Learn about both traditional and non-traditional treatment for symptoms of estrogen depletion;
    • Explore the myths surrounding menopause;
    • Talk, laugh, laud and lament while sharing your "her" stories with other women;
    • Experience a Shamanic initiation into the Changing Woman Gateway; AND
    • Reclaim and Acclaim your body and its mysteries.
    • Undergo a Shamanic Healing Ceremony and the Shamanic Journey.
    • Proclaim your Wild Woman within and loose her on the world!!

    For women who are in any stage of experiencing a natural menopause or for those who have experienced a surgically induced menopause (hysterectomy). If love in its essence is spiritual fire, than hot flashes may be divine sparks!

    One-Day Intensive Workshop: Outside Exercises Also Provided as Follow-up.



    Shamanic Workshop Shamanic Shields: Keys to Wholeness

    Between the Tonal and Nagual Axis lie four different powers--energy centers called shields. Like shields of the warrior, these energies help us survive the material world through integration of the lessons of the four cardinal directions. Awareness of their presence in everyday life provide tools for resolution of life's challenging issues (especially relationships). The Tonal Shields direct our material path. Nagual Shields, on the other hand, gift us the extraordinary to transform our material world. Balancing and accessing the support of these four shields presents a powerful model for achieving wholeness and self-love. This healing leads to the natural marriage of our masculine and feminine; enabling us to create desirable whole-being relationships. An evocative, highly participatory workshop that utilizes hands-on exercises, journeying, modeling and ritual as keys to unlocking the power of the four auric shields. Authentic shamanic medicine at its best for urban dwellers who are ready to heal themselves, thus their world!

    Weekend Intensive Workshop: Outside Exercises Also Provided as Follow-up.



    Shamanic Workshop Shamanism for Newbies

    What is a Shaman?  Do you have to be Native American to be a shaman? Just what is shamanism and why would you want to know about it?  This course explors basic precepts of erath-based spirituality from a cross-cultural perspective.  You iwll learn about the roots of shamanism, common practices, ceremonies, rituals, and ways to incorporate its precepts in your daily life to create greater inner peace and connection with all of creation. A fun, hands-on experience that answers the question, What is a Shaman! 

    1/2 Day Course with take-home exercises

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