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Amari Magdalena is the creator of a unique line of Ceremonial Art called MedicineWare™. Inspired by Native American tradition and the healing power of crystals, Amari created this line of art as an offshoot of a ministry devoted to peacemaking.

Magdalena crafts one-of-a-kind pieces including Jewelry, Medicine Shields and Mandellas.  Each piece has several crystals and stones that incorporate properties of the four elements as themes. Description of each component of the ceremonial art creation depicts the unique qualities offered the owner of the good medicine.

Magdalena is also a photographer capturing beauty thorough the micro and macro view of life.  Her work has been shown in galleries throughout the Southwest.

Amari apprenticed with don Miguel Angel Ruiz a Toltec Nagual and studied Curanderismo and Celtic/Cherokee Shamanism. Commissions are welcomed for shields.  Jewelry may be viewed at my website:


MedicineWare™ Shield Example

Medicine shields were used by indigenous cultures to represent aspects of a person's life purpose (medicine) -- what we've come here to do. These round circles with stretched skins, feathers, stones and symbols, protected and empowered the bearer. Each tribal member had their own personal shield that reflected their medicine as revealed to them through the vision quest or shamanic journey.

MedicineWare™ shields represent a modern interpretation of the traditional Native American Indian medicine shield. Stones are selected to amplify the energies of the theme expressed in the shield's name. Each shield is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation conceived through a journey state undertaken by Amari Magdalena (Wind Dancer). Amari is a practicing Shaman and Founding Director of the Institute for Shamanic Synthesis. She studied and apprenticed with Toltec, Celtic, Cherokee and Curanderismo healers.

Hear Answers in the Wind


MedicineWare™ Jewelry Example

Amari Magdalena is the creator of a unique line of jewelry with wise woman medicine. She has long been inspired by healing properites of mineral land semi-precious gemstones. Magdalena crafts one-of-a-kind necklaces with matching earrings.  Each piece has precious and semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals along with a pendant made of gemstones, shells, stones and or fired glass.  A descriptive card come with each necklace set expressing the unique properties of "good medicine: to the owner.  Findings are 925 sterling silver, gold fill or copper.

MedicineWare has been shown at: The Sedona Independent Artists Show, Girls Inc. Annual Fine Arts Show in Santa Fe, Archetype Art Gallery at the Inn at Sunrise Springs in La Cienega, Albuquerque Newcomer's Spring Fashion Show at Four Hills Country Club, Tijeras Open Arts market, Fuller Lodge Fall Arts Show, Sanjevani Health & Lifestyle Center, El Dorado Spring Fine Arts Show, Prescott Chamber of Commerce Fall fest Arts Show, Mountain Artists Guild, Prescott Arts Association, Grayleaf Galleria, 'Tis Gallery, BBBS Flair a Fair in Tucson, Tucson Arts and Crafts Association Shows, Savvy Lady Carlisle and PerSe Exclusive Quarterly Shows and seasonal Trunk Shows.  Amari was Artist of the Month with Prescott Mountain Artists Guild and for two months running at Grayleaf Galleria.

Her in-home gallery welcomes commission work and showings by appointment.



MedicineWareâ„¢ Sample Photography

Looking through micro and macro lenses, Amari attempts to capture 'slices' of beauty that reflect color, form, light, and nature in all of her magnificence.  She loves to catch flowers as they unfold.  Amari finds wonder in ancient ruins which reflect those who came before.  Pieces of sculpture attract her attention as it allows a particular focus and angle that appeal.  The vast majority of her photography is done outdoors though occasionally she will be drawn to a play of light on a wall or streaming through a window. All of the photographic images on this website are works of Amari Magdalena.

Blue Reeds Chihuly


MedicineWare™ Mandala Example

The Mandala symbolizes the circle of life to indigenous tribes. From intricate Buddhist sand mandalas to Native American mandalas with wool, feathers, leather and beeds, this art form has a dual purpose: beauty and protection. By having a Mandella in their homes, it would bring prosperity, good health and ultimate happiness. Initially used as a war shield, the modern Mandella symbolizes good luck - all within the circle of life. The mandella is believed to protect the dwelling from untoward spirits.

MedicineWare mandalas represent a modern interpretation of the traditional Native American Mandella. Stones are selected to amplify the wheel represented in the Mandella's name. each Mandella is a unique, one-of-a-kind, creation. 

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