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Institute for Shamanic Synthesis Founder - Amari MagdalenaOf  Eurasian heritage (Mongolian, Slavic, Celtic) it was no accident that Amari Magdalena was called to the shamanic path. Since early childhood, Magdalena was drawn to the world of mysticism, spirituality, and the paranormal. Metaphysicians, psychics and healers were woven throughout the deep background of her family's history.

In 1990 Magdalena experienced a strong calling to relocate from the Pacific Northwest to New Mexico. Arriving in New Mexico, her mystical and metaphysical exposures increased exponentially. Spirit presented four shamanic teachers/mentors to her, who were involved in diverse aspects of earth-based spirituality. She was also gifted contact with spiritual guides who directed her studies. In her exposure to Toltec, Celtic, Native American, Curanderismo and Peruvian Shamanism, Amari Magdalena came full circle in her developing her own ceremonial wheel and moved into the role of a Mystic/Nagual/Magician.

A calling to the Atlantic Southeast brought Amari to Georgia where in 1993 she became ordained as a Universal Brotherhood minister. By 1994 she became a Reiki Master. At urging of friends to teach earth-based spirituality classes, she began teaching for a Holistic Education School offering shamanic wisdom.

In 1995 Amari she founded The Institute for Shamanic Synthesis to promote cross-cultural shamanism and foster attitudes of unconditional love, acceptance, brotherhood and peace. The Institute just celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Over a span of 22 years, Amari has taught shamanic techniques and complimentary alternative medicine tools for colleges, universities, bookstores, corporations, small groups, career coaching groups, family therapy clinics and large spiritual organizations nationally and internationally.

Prior to retirement, Magdalena was a corporate Human Resources Consultant, Trainer and Public Health Educator working primarily for non-profit service industries. In the late 80s she co-produced a women's television talk show and in the late 90s produced and hosted a radio show, "Shaman Talk." She has been a guest on radio and TV programs and a speaker at whole life expos.

Currently she is an Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master, Healer, Teacher, Ceremonialist, Artist, Writer and Spiritual Coach newly residing in Bellingham, Washington.

Magdalena holds a Master’s in Divinity and has been affiliated with the Universal Brotherhood Movement since 1993. Her published works include: Awaken Your Inner Personas: Transform Your Life; Unbecoming Me: The Ultimate Shapeshifter’s Journey; Blue Moon and Golden Sun: Meditations and Celebrations for Aligning with Natural Rhythms; and On Becoming Invisible: One Woman's Musing on Age and Beauty. Her blog, Nagual Woman, addresses ancient wisdom for modern living.

Amari Magdalena is the mother of four children and grandmother to six grandsons and three granddaughters who reside in Mexico, Canada, California and Colorado respectively. Amari offers ministerial and shamanic services for all of life's celebrations and passages including weddings and ministerial ordinations

Completing a 25 year sojourn of discovery and mentoring, she returned to the Pacific Northwest in 2015. For 2016 Amari plans to offer podcasts and other learning opportunities via YouTube and the internet. She'll also be offering courses in Bellingham.

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