Institute for Shamanic Synthesis-Amari Magdalena Master Shamanic Arts

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We Dance to a Whispered Voice:  A Shamanic Awakening

Amari’s intriguing story
of her path to practicing and teaching cross-cultural shamanism
along with inaugurating
The Institute for Shamanic Synthesis.

"This is a wonderful 25-year passionate spiritual journey filled with Mystical people, magical places, and delightful adventures. Amari is An artful writer whose words fill the mind with wonder and longing to go deeper."

Joyce Glick, Professional Coach

Institute for Shamanic Synthesis Founder - Amari Magdalena

The Founder

Amari Magdalena


The Institute for
Shamanic Synthesis

A school without walls, offers cross-cultural shamanism programs, emphasizing

The Heart Path to Freedom.

Seminars encourage development of individuated earth-based practices dedicated to principles of Light, Peace, Love, Conscience and Harmony. Certification programs and correspondence courses are designed to stimulate awareness and foster Earth stewardship. A Masters in Shamanic Arts program places emphasis on learning about modern, urban applications for the practice of ancient healing arts. Certified Instructor programs are available upon completion of the Masters in Shamanic Arts course of study.  Program costs primarily cover direct expense and a stipend for instructors.  In keeping with practice of wisdom schools through millennia, this education organization is about disseminating affordable information. No earnest student will be turned away due to lack of funds.

What is a Shaman? The Medicine Wheel
Institute for Shamanic Synthesis

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